Music and Practising it

Making a mis-take playing music …The reason to play something again is not to play the tune perfect as in having to play it perfect. Because that is hilariously absurd (apart from there being a real reason also for such ways). It is simply to stay in touch with the feeling you either want to express through the music “or” the feeling of a tune overall.

The same is true for practice. It is just naturally motivated by wanting to feel how it feels. Surely there are other “ways” or maybe wanting to practise technique to have a flowing experience or to later then “be more expressively”.

Thing is if you want to feel how it feels you get creative technically and how to practise it. But if you force yourself, you don’t even feel why you wanted to play it in the first place. So the pure performance focus becomes absurd cause it distracts.


Thoughts on motivation and passion

The first premise of this idea is that the world is somewhat upside down. The second one is that motivating yourself is kind of undermining to yourself and I feel there is something unnatural to it. A bird who motivates itself to fly… It would never do that, “it” would just fly.

The third one is that not doing what we want to do is actually really hard and could be looked at as something that needs motivation. For a bird not to fly it’s gotto motivate the heck out of itself¬†to succeed at that ;). But the bird could be afraid to fly, that could be possible too and maybe it sees other birds around who don’t actually fly and thinks it’s a scary thing to do. But then it just flys and scratches its head in confusion as to what on earth the other birds are doing to give the story a proper ending.

Generally as for things we are passionate about it naturally does take a good amount of motivation to actually not do them and getting better at things is primarily a side-effect of doing what we are passionate about although you could easily be passionate about getting better, it’s a joyful activity. But what happens when we try to motivate ourselves? To me it seems we are actually blocking the passion and bringing in the element of discipline which has its place but imo is misapplied all too often. I don’t mean motivation in general without too much discipline which could connect us to the feeling of passion.

This goes back to parenting encourageing vs discipline. Naturally though we don’t need to be encouraged to do what we feel is right.

So it is possible to actually shift things around. Looking at things we want to do as nobrainers. You could look at it as “lazy” to actually do these and as hard to not do them. After all it is something you want to do, you gotto be really disciplined to actually not do it ūüôā You could look at moving as lazy/natural/easy and at sitting as cumbersome and laborious unless you rest. Some activities are naturally done sitting but fall under the moving category such as meditating or writing. Many distractions though require discipline to actually sit and cannot live up to our passions. Overall all it takes is a passion for life but sometimes we lost touch with it in which case we could slowely connect back by reframing things.

Often there is a¬†monkey on our back and we need to relearn to enjoy things we like to do. Otherwise there is this irritating motivation energy. Picture eating icecream with an attitude that could be outlined with thoughts such as: “Ok it’s easy I just use my mouth and..I know I can eat it, I can do it!” How can one possibly enjoy the taste of it with such an attitude? We often do approach for example playing an instrument in such a way¬†where we don’t allow the joy.

If the component of motivation+discpline gets reduced¬†things can flow naturally. Sometimes it’s also¬†about getting angry to connect to aggressions similar to the energy of speaking up to overcome fears that hinder passion.