Human Body

We all apparantly get born into something. Then after the world biased us we think we have solutions. Nobody remembers what we would have done if we wouldn’t gotten biased.

Yet it seems we can’t cause we need it to get through the world. It seems like we’re stuck but we don’t know it. Or we do not allow to look at it, bring it to our conscious cause we also depend on it.

Like cancer cells attack the body, these cells need healing, yet it spreads by the damage. Healing though is not perceived to be needed. This theme is in the golden child dynamic. Yet it needs energy to fill the void. It’s like an aritifical kept alive situation but feeling very alive and real at the same time as if nothing was wrong. Kinda the worst situation to be in if help is needed. If no energy is taken, the soul seems to attack the body and the same could be happening on the collective level. At the same time this is rather black and white thinking actually.

Then the energy giver get devalued as weak. But it could just be the human body trying to survive. Surely after you gave energy it affects your health and if you get too much it affects your ego.

One shouldn’t doubt humanity just as cancerous cells do not represent a cell in general especially in a healthy body.

Lower consciousness also seems natural for certain roles we take. Surely some of us provide food for example or whatever needs to be done so from this view there is no stupidty. But then it should never be like this. We all have our genius that we rarely get to but that we were meant to get to. Maybe such collective interaction is real and the only hope is to get aware of it to overcome our differences. But it doesn’t change the fact how absurd this world is. As serious as we may act fundamentally it’s really absurd.

Differences that are needed to cope, as if we do our best. Yet those differences also make it worse if such awareness is not there, Otherwise they could heal.

Yet we do think too much on the individual level and we maybe can rarely see what we may actually be doing. Maybe we are more in the same team than we think we are. It’s the perceptions we took that came with our position, a position that had to be taken cause that’s where we left off earlier.

It would be like not realizing we were in the same team is needed to hold everything together as we found it when we came here.

Just a thought.

3 am

There is hope in 3 am

As if the day could start free again

Lovers and friends helped to stay out of this mess

Now they’re rather pulling you in I guess

But it’s not about youth

Used to think it is all my fault

Only fault is to think it’s my fault

Coping brings up illusion so sweet

Coping again just puts me to sleep

Where I dream it’s my fault

Blames I wonder to where they belong

Nothing to find if zoomed out far enough

Empathy n anger are sharing a room

Blaming or breathing new life

At times I still feel this is all just a joke

I’m feeling alive but as soon as I don’t

The joke turns on me

Love and Empathy/Philosophing about the world/Collective Unconscious

Love and empathy are always a side-effect of perception and understanding and cannot be forced. In fact forcing it causes inner conflict when our perception doesn’t create the foundation for it.

It is impossible to teach because knowing what this perceptions includes would not allow other perceptions which are neccessary to get there. It is also very unstable and rather impossible to keep this up given the world cause we constanlty get confronted with other perceptions and also need to take these to fulfill our needs or so we think. Not to forget about the pain we handle around. It is as if we wake up for a moment and then it’s gone, I mean the kinda things we realize on our deathbed.

Love and empathy are not our weak but strong sides. It just looks weak and foolish from a perception that is needed to protect. We are very busy with coping. Only facing the world as it is wihile not getting destroyed by it through understanding where somebody comes from will lead to insight. Then you have no other choice but to feel love or you would die from depression. But it’s not coping. Surpressed anger also needs to be expressed before any understanding can come, without causing more pain, for example through imaginations one allows or music or such.

Love is really the thing with us humans, it’s what makes us fight so much because we’re on the other side of it often feeling totally fine through coping. Only when we see our coping for what it is will we get a better idea about what we really want.

Then there is fear of course which is why we hang on to things. Often we see this very clear in others not knowing it also affects us. Or maybe we do but fears are justified because it is fear of a conflicting worldview not having understanding for our side and through this lack of understanding not turning the medal from anger and revenge caused by pain or unlove to love.

Many sins have been done so to speak, but not with full consciousness. We do not see the forgiving aspect of it and feel too committed to our past which is reinforcing. We also do not see that our intentions may be different on a deeper collective level that we cannot understand cause we couldn’t do it then.

Change implies doing away with coping. We force ourselves to do so. Just take sports. Some teams always win not allowing to release and feel good cause you kinda get bored of it, other teams always lose the big matches also not allowing to feel good and overall matches are not as satisfying to watch anymore. Music got worse, videogames got worse overall. Everything got worse pretty much but it may seem okay if you don’t know how it could be. Surely it seems okay with a certain reality.

It’s about how you look at it and the intentions may be different from how it really is. We may not even know the intentions. We just see it from our pov. We see we may be poor and others are rich or the other way around, simplified speaking. To me it looks like a formation of the human body before a change. We would just have to watch out not to confuse ourselves as enemies only to realize when it’s too late that it was a friend or by not being able to face this not being able to wake up and everything just repeats.

I just sense we cannot even afford another big war, cause our technology is too strong to recvover from it. I also sense we need our technology to evolve on the human level or maybe we devolved to make the technology possible to then evolve even further. And surely the perceptions differ. It is always about protecting through holding on to our reality we created. But on a deeper level it seems we are all sleeping. It’s a thin line between letting go and staying protected and can only happen like a dance with a partner. It would be tragic beyond  imagination if we just split into different teams to get to something and not reverse from our required created differences and perceptions of reality also as seeing us as enemies by not seeing us as a human being anymore. It just seems without awareness of what we really might be doing it won’t work. It’s a theory, you gotto consider things.

Life-Metaphers: Tetris

There are many expressions of the unconscious.

In Tetris when you clear a line it means that you have integrated an insight, learnt it. There are times when you may feel stuck and maybe don’t know that you have a major chain-reaction waiting, ready to clear tons of stuff out.

It is important to integrate but this game shows that life doesn’t always bring you something that fits 😉 It is a metapher for life. So overintegrating may not work out for life.

In this game you also got to intuitively focus on what comes next while you are “dealing” with the part that comes down.

Then there is the theme of trust. You gotto trust that the part you really need comes.But if you focus too much you neglect other things. So the lesson here is not to zoom too close all the time although this is something different than being in the moment. I feel though feeling the most alive is a mix of being in the now while having something from your past going and also being connected to the future with most of the focus being on the now. The past and future themes are more like something you evoke as a sensation and mix into the now, I guess that’s how we do it.

The theme of letting go is also in it. And come back on it later as is the theme of faith and hope.

Now I don’t like to look at life as a game, yet sometimes it helps,  but rather games as life. Surely there is more about life than learning and integrating but that’s not how I mean it cause that always happens anyway while you just live it.

Where to take energy from when there is little support

I am not much into physics and this is just a guess but I think there is something to it. Sometimes we are in a situation in life where all we can do is get ourselves out of a mess on our own. Surely there are always options of support.

If we had support in the form of somebody believing in us or generally emotionally supporting us it gets relatively easy to move on. But what for the situations when there is no such support and in fact emotional neglect as in dysfunctional families which increases a depressive state. My guess is that It may appear as if we have to do it on our own but I think we do have another form of energy as our fuel. You could name it reverse support.

And  I think that it is equal to the energy of support. It just needs to be worked with cause otherwise it has a negative effect by causing low belief in oneself and such things. So one would remind oneself of the situations of negative support and then transfer the energy to something like anger.

My overall point is that it can be discouraging to think one would have to do things on your own but the insight that the energy is pretty much the same, even though it takes a different form and different emotions, may help to use this energy properly.

I also think that it is not just anger but also will lead to selflove and selfcare and most importantly to overcome an undermined selfimage. Again I think the main reason for depression in such situations stems from the perception of being lost and having to do things by yourself especially if you compare to other people who may have more support.

So physically the energy of support equals the energy of neglect and where there is energy from outside there is support from outside, just in a different and surely not in straight forward way. I don’t mean to say it was equally easy but there seems to be a way to use that other form of energy as a fuel and overcome the feeling of no support and by that reach a point where you can easier connect to getting support. Accepting the situation seems to be the hardest part but I think there is a lot of light in these circumstances.

Another thing that makes things harder is when the effects of undermining, feeling unloved manifested in our lives in whatever way and by focussing on that it creates a circle. It is a thin line between not ignoring your feelings and protecting yourself from getting sucked up by it.