Metapher: Moving on

For stuck situations

Be like a train. With stops I mean.

Fuel: anger for the situation, but it’s not your fault. I could explain but believe me it isn’t This is important so the anger doesn’t go towards yourself.

The kind of anger that lets you function just fine and be respectful or genuinely friendly and giving when you want to but also assertive towards disrespectful behaviour. But not the “anger” that means a button is pushed. That usually goes over the top. I mean the anger that stops others from trying to keep you in your place, where they won’t try to give you their shit and also the anger that stops you from enabeling. The anger that neutralizes fear. It’s there but may not be so easy to get to if there is smoking or other things that may impress rather than express. Smoking is though not just impressing such is drinking. Once rolling there is not just anger but it’s the basic layer. Especially playfulness is back soon then and calmness may also be then the basic layer or part of it.

It comes as a side-effect of perception. But it also makes perception less distorted.


An example to show what I mean. Let’s say you walk down the road and a person stands in the middle of the road 100 meters away from you and should notice you but keeps being busy with something. There is also a friend.  You could walk around but you could also realize that you would usually be respectful and leave some space (if you do) and this creates this anger. It’s very different from giving others your shit. Surely it depends on the person and their mood. But if their mood is, that they think they can do it with you, then it means when you get angry, they didn’t expect that and had not done so otherwise which results to being afraid to do it with somebody they think they cannot do it with. So they are underestimating you for whatever reason or you know people, they do random things :), always wanna play a game. So you would naturally allow anger and keep moving and see the person get out of the way (unless they are provoking, then anger doesn’t make sense, it’s very different, then it makes more sense to not fearfully but smartfully avoid the situation) And you may catch yourself saying something like: You stand in the fucking way! (not shouting or blaming, just expressing) and afterwards also not smiling since you were real. Yet it does feel liberating. The energy was on your side but it’s genuine without perceiving it, just being. I mean that’s at least how I see it.

I mean I noticed people only try to give me stuff when I’m down and then when I’m alright and ready nothing happens. I try to look at whatever they say as: Want my shit? It’s free