Writing Songs in your Dreams

I had quite a fascinating insight about that I would like to share.

So far I had this experience twice. One was a lucid dream the other was a normal dream.

In my lucid dream I was dealing with an opponent cause I realized it was a dream. I threw him out of the room and then I layed down in this dream and went to sleep or actually I was relaxing on a bed with headphones listening to music. I knew it was a dream, I felt my body on my bed, there was a deep relaxation. So I listened to this song and it was an awesome one, I couldn’t remember it though cause it was full stereo with bass, drums, keys, guitar..too much to remember.

Before I come to the point let me share the other dream.

I was in the camera position of an unplugged concert of Oasis. My pov was the camera, I was observing it. And Liam sat there playing the second guitar staccato accents around the offbeats and smiling like a kid looking around in the audience, very playful. It was a great rhythm. while Noel was strumming in d-minor sometjing like “The importance of being idle” and he sang. BUT it was a NEW song, They were performing a new song. And I believed it, I didn’t know I was dreaming.

Now what happened was since I believed it was real, my brain had to create this reality and actually the song sounded well. I only got to the verse, something very simple, yet I would usually not come up with it when trying to write a song. I would be too focussed too close to myself. The focus would be on trying to write a song instead of what I want to write about. The chorus I wrote after waking up but I only got to the 2nd line of it. It was like a filling in song, meaning when you have the first line of the verse you have the whole verse. The melody adjusted to the chord changes, not always how a song goes.

In the first dream even though I knew I was dreaming since I also took it for real, the music coming out of the headsphones I had to invent.

It’s actually quite hard to explain and I guess you can’t really try to do that.

When I was younger I figured a similar approach. I listened to a new album in the evening and in the morning I tried to remember it but since I only listened to it once I came up with my own stuff, yet it wasn’t all that satisfying. The same effect you have when you shower and you listen tomusic from another room and sometimes it feels like something other than it actually is cause you can barely hear it.

In each case my mind was forced to create a reality, the belief that it was real made it possible. Surely it is influenced from the things I already wrote and listen to and I think we do such things when writing songs when beign awake. So I was believing I am at a concert and to make the dream believable I had to come up with a good song and I wasn’t distracted by pressure to succeed at it. It was very natural and automatic.

It turned out to be chords I would usually avoid when trying to write a song. The first line has the chord d-minor which I felt and then the next chord was A major and the melody simply adjusted to that chord like a call and response to then form the figure of a verse going back to d-minor. The chorus was just like a blank to be filled in, the whole song was an overall feeling, yet I struggle with line 3 cause I can’t connect to that feeling and it only works if I don’t try so I’m sure it’ll come back when I don’t try.


Beginning to move towards what we want

The beginning is usually the hardest for several reasons. One being that we often do not get immediate results, no quick fix. In order to actually start is helps to become conscious of this feeling and identify the reasons instead of unconsciously procrastinate. In this case it would help to think in long terms, as a journey for example, which is commonly known but for some of us we havn’t learnt to succeed long term. A mindset that may be helpful is: Ok, if i want to *insert what you want* there is no way that I get around making the first step. I know I would at some point make this first step, even if it doesn’t change much in terms of results. So I may aswell do it now, since if I want *this* I know I gotto make exactly this step. It’s like a journey. In order to get to your destination you inevitably need to pass the station that is right after your starting point. Well and if you know you started, if you know the train is moving, this does cause a feeling of calmness. The train moves and we know we will get there, all we gotto focus on is to keep moving and at some point we could be like: Oh, I’m almost there, that was fast.

To take this metapher a little further, we all know sitting in the train and we know oh, it’s such a long drive still and we know we want to get there, the problem is just we want it immediately. Well and then we may get annoyed about it but what happens is, the train keeps moving no matter what and at some point our mood changes to being eased up and looking forward and we realize how enjoyable the journey actually was to the point where we do appreciate it and also realize the actual goal is relative. The moment you reached the first station you reached part of your goal already.¬†For future journeys this means that you will ease up a lot earlier so maybe it’s a good idea to also make learning how to reach a goal another goal, like a combo goal, ¬†because then you actually have even more something along the lines of immediate results after the first step.

That being said, I actually don’t like to have goals and then trying to consciously get to that. I orefer to have a feeling of going in the right direction. Also because it adds too much trying hard energy which is conflicting with many things that benefit to getting “there”. Just with some things the rational goal approach works best. For example cleaning ones place, that’s a direct goal whereas finding love is something if you force it, I mean actually one can’t really say this or that, it’s a mix. I guess what I’m trying to say is having a clear goal doesn’t have to come with constraintful energy. And this “have to goal attitude” also usually involves a selfperception of not good enough until goal reached which is counter-productive cause you don’t acknowledge the reasons for the current situation. Another thing is if I plan things too much I feel like I’m spoiling things, and it seems less alive then. I like to keep the goal vague, kinda defined, yet rather feeling it and allowing the way towards it to not be something of less quality than if it is reached. Well and then of course it’s never that linear.

Feeling wise I just recently realized what determination actually is and how it differs from discipline yet discipline in itself isn’t just low vibe. To me it is important to express myself and discipline may be also one way to do that for very individual reasons. Usually discipline though can be rather impressing.