Saneness of anger

edit: Btw, I’m not talking to the reader, I talk about a topic and it’s a rant.

When somebody is really angry about something you do not call such person crazy ever! It is obvious that it’s a human and that it’s just the anger. You do not fucking frame it as if this was a normal common state from which to conclude on the overall character. Also cause it is technically not even possible in the sense that it is really dumb. After expression of anger one feels better usually and one could relate easily to somebody. There is no intention to harm someone when it is something genuine. It is easy to see it is not personal and people who do call crazy also actually see that. Those people simply didn’t receive things the normal way and adjusted to this vampire bullshit. Pretty much a matter of confusing oneself also, lack of knowledge about oneself which doesn’t mean though understanding helps much when you would say that.



Thoughts about god

People always say god wants you to be really down so he can work through you and in a way it’s how it goes but its not cause he wants you to be down, it’s just naturally the only way towards him and not away from. You might say, sure what else, but I didn’t mean it this way. I meant that being down is a side-effect.. I actually can’t put my finger on it anymore but maybe you feel what I mean.

In the same sense something kind and something sarcastic could look like the same thing. When you appear like playing it down so it can reach somebody…it could also look very similar like this when you were sarcastic, feeling unloved. Obviously the expressions are way different.

God speaks through people also and often they can’t get it across any better way but it sounding critical while the idea still is not to look at that opposing one’s feelings. It’s just some kind of understanding that might resolve a few things and it is related to that one does not need to be all down to connect back.