Welcome to my blog 🙂 It will be about 1-liners to end destructive games and to defend towards emotional abuse. I will also write about life in general, the overall theme being healing.

Maybe so much about lines that it is not about what you say but the state you are in. When you are in the right state you will naturally come up with something to reply. These lines are a handy tool to get or reconnect to this point and they can also be useful as techniques in itself. My attitude is of a defending nature. The more you are in the “right” state the less you get attacked so I view it as a natural process. It also allows one to be more open.

I did edit this page cause I felt it was too personal. Meanwhile I see it differently. I may rewrite it at some point.

I took down all my posts to edit them and will reupload them in the future, well, obviously future 😉



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh, I can relate to many of your thoughts and feelings. I’ve got a rebellious soul too. I know how it feels to be a stranger within your society. There was a time when I tried to understand why I was not able to fit. I felt like a little weirdo falling below the standard. It took me a lot of time to realize there was nothing abnormal about being myself.
    At times I find myself being a part of an artificial world. So many people are trying to live up to standart. The very thought frightens me. We often take roles but we shouldn’t follow the crowd if we want to reach our potential.
    You seem to be a strong-willed person. Stay on track!
    And thank you for your honesty!

    • Thank you, i will for sure

      I can relate, took some time, but I’m glad i went this way. Most people don’t want to go this way but i feel you’re a bit further than me. Just a bit 😉 So you like football? Do you like bayern? i think they just ruining football, they just own everyone haha, it’s not funny anymore 🙂 but i rather watch championsleague, i’d love to see them play against madrid.

      • I think you are on the right path 😉

        I like watching Champions League too 🙂 Bayern won the tournament last year, and it really was the great final 🙂

  2. *where did that reply button go* Oh I like many bands. maybe not so much Nickelback ;P at least 10 years ago i didn’t, don’t know much about anything they did lately. You could check out Nada Surf, “Always Love” is a great song, you may like them :). Queens of the Stone Age is probably my favourite one atm.

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