Lower vibrational perceptions

With deeper perceptions and understanding, as a side-effect, other lower vibe perceptions or topics that might be related to self-consciousness don’t even appear or have no ground to grasp onto or stand on.

As an example, Lets say one goes to a department with a an issue. And on arrival there is lots of other people who also go there and appear to be very much in their own movie.

So the first perception would be, that everybody just like one, has their own issue, where they received a letter or just generally have an issue about something which is why they went to such a department.

The second perception would be, that most of these people do not perceive it such way. They do not see others going there for the same reason they go, with likely similar feelings and they do not relate.

A third perception would be that they also do not perceive, that others do not perceive that.

So there is a lot to perceive and as a side-effect of those, other lower vibe things don’t even come up cause they simply conflict with such things and are of lower nature instead of being something that would be there in a parallel sense.

In the same sense you could say, trying to not be a certain way is also of lower nature to wanting to be true to yourself, that one’s intuition , feelings and meaning express accordingly.

Very often we don’t even want to be or behave in certain ways and when we don’t see that, there is layer that we presuppose. And from there things just already are not right.






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