I had a wise moment 🙂 Here it is

Potential is the new real, yet the current real is also not just not real.


3 thoughts on “Potential

    • Haha I felt the same. Meanwhile I figured what I felt. I actually didn’t phrase it well cause of course if potential is new real then why shouldnt the current be the old real. Yet somehow I feel I still made the point 🙂

      To me it means this balance between feeling caught in a current situation and a positive realistical outlook on the future, balance between being depressed or heavyhearted without such outlook and taking it overly lighthearted and by that being without respect to my feelings from such situation and by this getting into some inner conflict when it doesn’t turn out as easy which is likely because these feelings were not reflected with such attitude. Serious “vs” taking it easy.

      That’s that feeling into rational words. Yet there is surely more to such situations or maybe it means something different to you or it applies to other things. Either way I feel it is supposed to stay a feeling something intuitive, it’s not that you could try the above really as a plan haha.

      Oh wait, what it means to me is simply to not try to go for a definite approach or to not be irritated when you have different moods when you consciously decided to be just serious or to just take it easy and follow this without giving room to express yourself. It helps me to let go. Let’s say I make a plan in the evening to seriously approach something then in the morning I’m in a good mood and feel everything else but serious…Something like that

    • Oh, it actually was well phrased. It just confused me afterwards 🙂 You know we tend to not get ourselves logically at times cause our feelings are based on bigger pictures.

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